Beautiful Rain Boots

When I was a young girl rain boots were big and clumpy. They were usually ill fitting and uncomfortable but in last ten years the humble rain boot has become a fashion statement for all seasons. Now you can find cute rain boots for women in any style and design. in addition fittings are readily available for plus size women who need wide calf rain boots.

For the fall there are stylish lace up rain boots that are elegant enough to wear to work or on a night out. As the winter sets in there are some lovely cozy classic style wellington boots that look great while protecting the feet and legs from rain and snow.

spring rain bootFor the spring there are some super cute rain boots that are fun and fresh. Clear PVC jelly boots for instance, add  a bit of fun to any outfit, just pick out a pair of colorful socks and mix and match. Alternatively there are some adorable rain proof sneakers that are light weight and comfortable, just perfect to wear out when those pesky April showers are about.

With summer comes the outdoor music festivals and the perfect opportunity to slip on a pair of cool funky wellies with a bit of attitude. British manufacturer Hunter Boots LTD have seen their footwear become the rain boot of choice for many celebrities. When model and fashion icon Kate Moss was pictured at Glastonbury 2005 rocking a classic green pair of Hunters it brought the brand a new generation of fans. Suddenly the wellie boot became cool.

It is a great idea to cherry pick the best pair from each style so you can have a waterproof option for different outfits. There are some nice high end boots available from designers like Ralph Lauren, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors. These boots are suitable to wear on inclement nights out. If you have green fingers and like to mess about in your back yard then there are some nice cheap and cheerful rain boots that fit the bill. If you have a dog you will be used to trekking about in wet and dreary conditions. a Lovely comfortable pair of waterproofs can definitely make it less of a chore and there are plenty of light weight and flexible pairs available.

For plus sized women or women who are athletically built and need a little extra room around the calf, a quick Google of “Wide Calf rain boots” and “extra wide calf rain boots” will return a host of designs for calves between 17 inches and 20 inches.

The perfect Christmas jumper

The first day of December already and today is the day I really ramp up my preparations for Christmas. There is so much to think about and prepare for at this time of year but now I have an extra festive task to tackle – pick out the perfect Christmas jumper. Over the last 3 years the popularity of the old crimbo jumper has skyrocketed to the point where it is now impossible to walk down the local high St or shopping mall without passing by a myriad of Christmas jumpers in varying degrees of ridiculousness.
For the last couple of years my office has started supporting Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day so picking the best possible woolly masterpiece has become rather more competitive than I would care to admit. The classic ugly Christmas jumpers are still readily available but now there are a whole host of new designs to buy ranging from the truly grotesque to the beautifully chic.
For me, the perfect yuletide sweater must be smooth and comfortable and not the heavy, scratchy chunky knits of yesteryear.

flashing-light-christmas-jumpersThis is a contender. A girly reindeer jumper with novelty flashing lights. The lights are multi colored LED bulbs powered by a light weight battery pack hidden inside. £35 from M&Co.

joe-brown-photoThis one is a possibility. I love the fluffy feel along with the banded festive pattern. £29.95 from

scottie-dog-jumperThis is one of my favorites, a super cute little jumper with an Xmas Scottie dog pattern. £29.00 from

penguin-christmas-jumperThis is a nice novelty Christmas jumper, it comes complete with adorable googly eyes. Available from for £36.95.

Reindeer-Christmas-Jumper-dressA Christmas jumper dress is another option. An extra long sweater is great winter wear for layering over jeans or leggings. £29.95 from

cute-penguin-jumperIn the end I have settled for this little lovely. It is a long sleeved jumper with a super cute fluffy penguin design. A real bargain at only £12.50 from M&Co.

Win a Christmas Jumper of you choice…

Aggy for Dr Martens

One of my favorite looks this summer comes from the Dr Martens Agyness Deyn collection. Capturing the essence of the 70′s Los Angeles surf culture. The fashion is a fresh take on the hardcore Venice beach style. The collection of women’s summer outfits includes grungy patch work dresses, wrap skirts, cardigans, tops and beach t shirt dresses. Agyness Deyn has been collaborated with Dr Martins on four separate occasions now and this spring and summer collection really captures the excitement and possibilities of summertime.

I will have a keen eye on the Dr Martens upcoming announcements to see if Agyness is still involved with their next season’s campaign. Maybe the launch of her own Title A fashion line will see the end of this partnership. Such a shame, I love the mix of Dr Martens and Aggy’s unique style. Here are some of my favorite looks from their latest line.


Curb Side Jacket

Blue linen military style 1930’s Eisenhower jacket with blood red pockets and chunky, heavy duty sleeve zippers. Inside features a Hawaiian print lining. Available from for $200.


Sandy Dress

Cute patch style summer dress. Opposing Hawaiian print and ox blood panels with a flattering fit that sits just above the knee. Available from for $95.






Sunset T-Shirt Dress

Cool white dresses are a classic summer option. This t-shirt dress has a retro style Venice beach hammerhead shark print on the back along with stripped Dr Martens logo down the right sleeve. Available from for $47.



Wrap Skirt

Navy blue linen wrap skirt that matches up with the curb side jacket to create a really cute summer outfit. Available from for $95





Friday Blouse

Trade mark Agyness Deyn Hawaiian print fabric blouse that is loose and relaxed enough for even the hottest of summer days. The mandarin collar features the same ox-blood color that is themed throughout the collection. Available from for $95.


Ocean Cardigan

For those summer night on the beach, this knitted cardigan with hood. A design that echos the fashion of the LA 70′s surf scene. Available from for $95.





Park Top

Baseball jersey inspired top with cool mesh sleeves and sew on patch embellishment on back. Available from for $95.


Pier Polo Shirt

Short style knitted polo shirt designed to Agyness’s specific spec. Mix and match this to create lovely summertime outfits. Available from for $53.

About Agyness Deyn

Born Laura Michelle Hollins 16 February 1983. Early in her career she changed her name to Agyness Deyn apparently believing the letter y would bring her good luck in her career. Talent spotted while shopping Agyness quickly became a regular on catwalks and prestigious fashion magazines around the world. Apart from modeling Agyness has also worked on film and music projects and is also now a fashion designer in her own right with her fashion label Title A.

About Dr Martens

British footwear and clothing company that has gain iconic status for their unique style of AirWear shoes and boots.