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One of my favorite looks this summer comes from the Dr Martens Agyness Deyn collection. Capturing the essence of the 70′s Los Angeles surf culture. The fashion is a fresh take on the hardcore Venice beach style. The collection of women’s summer outfits includes grungy patch work dresses, wrap skirts, cardigans, tops and beach t shirt dresses. Agyness Deyn has been collaborated with Dr Martins on four separate occasions now and this spring and summer collection really captures the excitement and possibilities of summertime.

I will have a keen eye on the Dr Martens upcoming announcements to see if Agyness is still involved with their next season’s campaign. Maybe the launch of her own Title A fashion line will see the end of this partnership. Such a shame, I love the mix of Dr Martens and Aggy’s unique style. Here are some of my favorite looks from their latest line.


Curb Side Jacket

Blue linen military style 1930’s Eisenhower jacket with blood red pockets and chunky, heavy duty sleeve zippers. Inside features a Hawaiian print lining. Available from for $200.


Sandy Dress

Cute patch style summer dress. Opposing Hawaiian print and ox blood panels with a flattering fit that sits just above the knee. Available from for $95.






Sunset T-Shirt Dress

Cool white dresses are a classic summer option. This t-shirt dress has a retro style Venice beach hammerhead shark print on the back along with stripped Dr Martens logo down the right sleeve. Available from for $47.



Wrap Skirt

Navy blue linen wrap skirt that matches up with the curb side jacket to create a really cute summer outfit. Available from for $95





Friday Blouse

Trade mark Agyness Deyn Hawaiian print fabric blouse that is loose and relaxed enough for even the hottest of summer days. The mandarin collar features the same ox-blood color that is themed throughout the collection. Available from for $95.


Ocean Cardigan

For those summer night on the beach, this knitted cardigan with hood. A design that echos the fashion of the LA 70′s surf scene. Available from for $95.





Park Top

Baseball jersey inspired top with cool mesh sleeves and sew on patch embellishment on back. Available from for $95.


Pier Polo Shirt

Short style knitted polo shirt designed to Agyness’s specific spec. Mix and match this to create lovely summertime outfits. Available from for $53.

About Agyness Deyn

Born Laura Michelle Hollins 16 February 1983. Early in her career she changed her name to Agyness Deyn apparently believing the letter y would bring her good luck in her career. Talent spotted while shopping Agyness quickly became a regular on catwalks and prestigious fashion magazines around the world. Apart from modeling Agyness has also worked on film and music projects and is also now a fashion designer in her own right with her fashion label Title A.

About Dr Martens

British footwear and clothing company that has gain iconic status for their unique style of AirWear shoes and boots.

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