The perfect Christmas jumper

The first day of December already and today is the day I really ramp up my preparations for Christmas. There is so much to think about and prepare for at this time of year but now I have an extra festive task to tackle – pick out the perfect Christmas jumper. Over the last 3 years the popularity of the old crimbo jumper has skyrocketed to the point where it is now impossible to walk down the local high St or shopping mall without passing by a myriad of Christmas jumpers in varying degrees of ridiculousness.
For the last couple of years my office has started supporting Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day so picking the best possible woolly masterpiece has become rather more competitive than I would care to admit. The classic ugly Christmas jumpers are still readily available but now there are a whole host of new designs to buy ranging from the truly grotesque to the beautifully chic.
For me, the perfect yuletide sweater must be smooth and comfortable and not the heavy, scratchy chunky knits of yesteryear.

flashing-light-christmas-jumpersThis is a contender. A girly reindeer jumper with novelty flashing lights. The lights are multi colored LED bulbs powered by a light weight battery pack hidden inside. £35 from M&Co.

joe-brown-photoThis one is a possibility. I love the fluffy feel along with the banded festive pattern. £29.95 from

scottie-dog-jumperThis is one of my favorites, a super cute little jumper with an Xmas Scottie dog pattern. £29.00 from

penguin-christmas-jumperThis is a nice novelty Christmas jumper, it comes complete with adorable googly eyes. Available from for £36.95.

Reindeer-Christmas-Jumper-dressA Christmas jumper dress is another option. An extra long sweater is great winter wear for layering over jeans or leggings. £29.95 from

cute-penguin-jumperIn the end I have settled for this little lovely. It is a long sleeved jumper with a super cute fluffy penguin design. A real bargain at only £12.50 from M&Co.

Win a Christmas Jumper of you choice…

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